My name is Maarten Vervoorn

In 2016 I started with my side project openstack. In this project I build an openstack personal cloud environment in orde to learn this technology. I started with a small deployement. One controller, a compute node and a stoage node. After some time it grew and now contains a controller node, 3 compute nodes, 1 network node, 1 blockbased storage node, 2 object based storage node, 1 file service node, a bind dns server, a gateway router. During the time I kept on adding services to the environment. More of this enviroment is written in blogposts about my deployment.

Other personal projects I’m working on is home automation. I use Domoticz to automate light, doorbell, television and provide information about the state of my house.

I’m currently working as Lead consultant. My main focus area is IT infrastructure with a strong experience on networking