Packages installed with Murano is not completing

After configuring and installing Murano I did several tests with deploying applications like apache webservice and Docker ELK. The deploy started, Murano create the network, router and VM’s however cloudinit was failing configuring the VM’s

After some troubleshooting I discovered that the Murano agent configuration file on the VM did not have the correct configuration items to communicate with rabbitmq.

The Murano.conf file was configured  with rabbit configuration for itself with the transport_url. However the following configurion must be set in the Murano.conf file in order for the vm to communicate. When deploying a VM it looks into that section and applies that to the agent.conf file on the VM.

host = controller
port = 5672
login = openstack
password = <YOUR-PASSWORD>

After applying that configuration the application is deployed successfully



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